TSL champs continues this weekend

By Taromane Martin

THE second leg matches of the 2018 Telekom S-League championship series will continue this weekend at the Lawson Tama Stadium.

The first match for this Saturday will see Malaita Kingz FC taking on Henderson Eels FC at 2pm followed by the 4pm class between Western United FC and KOSSA FC.

With the semi-finals for the competition set for Wednesday next week, Eels will be eager to bounce back following their 4-0 loss to a young M/Kingz side last Sunday.

Matches for the competition continues this Sunday as FC Guadalcanal takes on Marist FC at 2pm while Solomon Warriors FC takes on Real Kakamora FC at 4pm.

Despite their 2-0 loss to Marist FC last Saturday, FC Guale Head Coach Martin Hiti was pleased with his boys’ performance saying it was by far their best performance so far.

“Three weeks is not enough but I’m pleased we’ve managed to work and identified a game plan for us today,” Coach Hiti told SunSPORT after their loss on Saturday.

“This is a new team for FC Guadalcanal. Our performance was good in terms of teamwork and our combination but it is our finishing which needs improvement.

“This is one of the beautiful games I’ve seen from our team so far. I mean Marist is a good side that has kept on training after the TSL season for the Oceania Champions League.

“We went for the break and managed to rebuild in three weeks and I think this is a good starter for the boys.

“It was very challenging but the boys played together as a team today. We’ll work on the areas we failed today and hope the boys can get us the result next week,” Hiti said.

Meanwhile, semi-finals for the TSL are set for Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Format for the semi-final will see the winner of Solomon Warriors FC and Real Kakamora FC taking on the winner of KOSSA FC and Western United FC while the other semi-final will be between the winner of Henderson Eels FC and Malaita Kingz FC match, and the winner of Marist FC and FC Guadalcanal match this Sunday.

Grand finals for the competition will take place Sunday next week.

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