16 days activism positive platform to advocate against violence


Hon Lanelle Tanangada delivering her remarks

16 Days of Activism is a positive approach of awareness against violence. Minister for Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs (MWYCFA) says violence against women and girls is the root cause for gender inequality.

Mrs. Lanelle Tanangada says hence, the fight to eliminate violence against Women and Girls is a must for Solomon Islands Government, Non-governmental Organizations (NGO), Civil Society Organization (CSO), Faith Based Organization, Communities and individuals.

Tanangada said it is dis-heartening to hear about the increased number of rape cases being reported in media.

However celebrating this event annually by all partners across the nation indicates that perpetrators and rapers across the country have been reported.

She said there is lack of respect for women and children that leads to violence against them, which is a sin, evil and a crime which all of needs to put an end to.

“Let’s be reminded that women are fearfully and wonderfully made, so why are we suffering? Women shouldn’t be suffering Women should be safe. Women should be equal”, Tanangada says.

“And also man needs women and women need man, we cannot live without each other we need each other to complete Gods equation,” said Tanangada.

She said the road ahead is not easy but with collaborative support from all partners, churches, communities’ families and individuals in teaching, this should reminde others and ourselves that violence against women and girls is a crime and unacceptable.

“Also know that women, men, boys and girls are of equal value created in the image of God. We can help to eliminate violence against women and girls”, Tanangada says.

Champion female advocators against Gender Based Violence
Participating young people on yesterday’s float parade.
Hon Lanelle Tanangada with some of the many young female advocators who stand to eliminate gender based violence
Group photo of participating women ,men,girls and boys on yesterday’s event.
Womens Right Action Movement (WRAM) representatives
Group photo of participating women ,men,girls and boys on yesterday’s event.

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