15 SI students in Taiwan to graduate

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A total of 15 students studying in Taiwan will graduate in various universities across Taiwan this month.

These students are those who remained in Taiwan after the recent political switch from Republic of China (Taiwan) to mainland China.

These students are either sponsored by Solomon Islands Government or self-funded.

The names of our lucky students that are able to complete their studies and are graduating this month are:

1. Gerald W Ngarasi with Masters in Education Leadership and Management Development. National Chung Cheng Universities.

2. Martin Hauhana- Masters in Electrical Power Engineering. National Sun Yat-Seb University.

3. George L Balairamo – International Masters in Environment Sustainable development. National Central University.

4. Lillian G Navala-Post Baccalaureate Medicine. I-Shou University.

5. Zarlene Suhara- Post Baccalaureate Medicine. I-Shou University.

6. Ralp Wahi- Post Baccalaureate Medicine. I-Shou University.

7. Junior Robert- Post Baccalaureate Medicine. I-Shou University.

8. Patric Uvikatsi –Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology. Kaohsiung Medical University.

9. Genervive Usumae- Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology. Kaohsiung Medical University

10. Leon Malai – International Tourism Management. Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology. Kaohsiung Medical University

11. Erica Gapirongo- International Tourism Management.

12. Desmond Tige – Global Political Economy. National

13. Alvina P Taloni- International Commerce and Business Management.

14. Sewleyn F Akutu- International Affairs and Diplomacy Tamkang University Langyang Campus.

15. Victor Vagalo- Industrial Engineering and Management. National Taipei University Technology.  

The statement further adds the rest of Solomon Islands who studied in Taiwan area already back home still waiting for government and continues their studies.

“Most of these students especially from medical schools are still so concern if they can be able to do across credit in China and even if they do, they might have to do extra years or start all over again as compare to if they remain in Taiwan to complete their studies.

This is because transferring from one medical school to the next one is not easy as programs are structured differently. So far there is no confirmation from universities in China or authorities on the status of cross credit for local students despite them saying they will allow cross credits,” the statement said.

Island Sun pursued comments from Ministry of Education Resources Development the body responsible for students studying overseas but all attempts turned up unsuccessful.