Second friendly win for Warriors

Solomon Warrriors players sets up defence for a Marist corner.
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By Taromane Martin

TAHITI-bound Solomon Warriors FC claimed another friendly match win over fellow OFC Champions League bound Marist FC yesterday at Lawson Tama Stadium.

First half goals from Kensi Tangis and Bata Furai were enough to seal the win for Warriors after Mathias Iani’s 35th minute header for Marist was ruled no goal by match referee Hamilton Siau.

“Of course it’s important for us to play friendly games. We need to have game time, we need to play tough opponents to get back to our speed and rhythm and the organization especially on defense and attack we were known for,” Marist FC Head Coach Jerry Allen said.

“We are only weeks away and without any friendlies or game time, we will find it difficult in the OFC Champions league.

Solomon Warrriors players sets up defence for a Marist corner.

“Our first friendly games on Thursday really helped us identify weak areas that need more attention before the OFC Champions league.

“This is a new stage of preparation. Performance at this stage of our preparation is critical because a performance of excellence is what I want to see from my players,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Solomon Warriors FC Head Coach Moses Toata said he was satisfied with his boy’s performance yesterday but says there are still little things to improve on.

“To be honest today’s game was good. We worked on a few areas we saw from our last game and obviously it has improved in every department, which meant we were able to defend and score goals.

“Although, I think we could have done better with the number of wasted opportunities.

Looking forward, I’m satisfied with what I saw today but I hope I will have time to work on a few things we need to correct,” he said.

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