100,000 sweet potato vines for GP farmers



TAIWAN Technical Mission (TTM) has propagated more than 100,000 vines to local farmers in the Guadalcanal Plains.

After seven months of hard work with the Tetere Beach Farm and communities across the Guadalcanal Plains, Taiwan’s Embassy through TTM has increased propagation of sweet vines to 100,000.

The vines are estimated to be planted in more than three hectares with the aim to improve sustainability of sweet potato production to GP local farmers and target communities TTM has worked with.

TTM said the success of the Taiwanese method of planting potato came about after farmers witnessed for themselves the high yield attained from the introduced method.

Since then, TTM has worked closely with Mr Samuel Basoi, one of the local farmers who own the Tetere Beach Farm.

After seeing the success of the Taiwanese method, Basoi encouraged the Tetere community to venture more into farming particularly sweet potato.

He appreciated knowledge and skills acquired from the TTM saying such have guided them with useful farming techniques.

“We thank the help from Taiwan to guide us the farming technique. Crop science can raise the quality of food, health and life, Agriculture is just like a new weapon in this era.”

TTM Officer Mr Charles Huang said, “We still have a lot of works to improve the propagation, at least we can ensure the amounts of kumara vine are enough for farmers within 5km radius.”

He urges local farmers around the country to call in at the Tetere farm with their request, including how many vines they need, and arrangements can be done.

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