10 police check-points within emergency zone in lockdown

Police patrol
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There will 10 police check-points within the emergency zone from Poha to Alligator Creek during the 36-hour lockdown.

Assistant Commissioner Simpson Pogeava revealed during a joint press conference yesterday that public within the declared emergency zone must stay home, movements are restricted.

“However, when emergency issues arise, like people who are sick during the lockdown can call the ambulance or if they have private vehicle, they can use that and explain to police officers at the check-points.”

Pogeava said police officers are supporting the leading agencies and the Ministry of Health during the lock down, and their role is to maintain security.

“Police will enforce order should there be any breach during the lockdown therefore the public residing inside the declared emergency zone must abide by the regulation,” Pogeava said.

He said the emergency area from Poha to Alligator Creek has been zoned in six zones and inside the six zones, there will be 10 check-points.

Pogeava explained that zone 1 is from Poha to Rove Police Headquarters, Zone 2, Rove PHQ to HCC roundabout, Zone 3 HCC roundabout to fishing village roundabout, Zone 4 Fishing village roundabout to Ranadi roundabout, Zone 5, Ranadi roundabout to Lungga bridge and zone 6 Lungga bridge to Alligator creek.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment (MECDM) Melchior Mataki reiterates that movements are restricted during the lockdown, and inside the zones people should not move around but stay within their own residence.

He said the zones were created for security purposes, because during the lockdown security must be maintained.