Siota fundraising this month

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CIP’s Siota PSS students and Staff carrying out school fundraising recently at Tulaghi, purposely for the school’s rehabilitation program to re-improve the school’s infrastructures. PHOTO BY MANEBONA BARNABAS

CENTRAL Province Siota Provincial Secondary School (PSS) will continue their school rehabilitation program setting fundraising to be held this month in Honiara.

One of their fundraising towards the program to improve the school’s infrastructures was held two weeks ago over the weekend at Tulaghi.

According to Mr David Rubaha who is the Team Leader and one of the Form Six (6) Teacher’s of the school, the students and Staff are expected to arrive in Honiara between the 19th -22nd.

He highlighted that the fundraising will include wheelbarrow drive, selling of foods, entertainments and as well as other performances in Parishes.

“Updates will be posted very soon for the programme, do come and help our school,” said Mr Rubaha for all ex-Siota students, supporters and families towards their goal.

Siota PSS Principal Fr Patterson Tako speaking to Island Sun yesterday also adds in making a strong appeal to the school’s family, to support the school towards driving for its rehabilitation program.

“We need strong support back to further improve our Provincial Premier School. I strongly appeal especially for ex-Siota Students support too,” expressed Fr Tako.

He said the school can be contacted through his mobile phone (8562711) for further inquiry to the school’s programs.

Recently during their fundraising held at Tulaghi raising more than SBD$14,000.00, the School Chaplain for Siota, Fr Tony Ubara, explained that while waiting for the Education Authority of CIP to help the school’s maintenance and other much needed areas to be addressed, they are fitting into their program’s ways to address their school situation as soon as possible.

“There is the need to quickly improve classroom buildings, dormitories, Staff houses and other buildings by repainting them and doing small repairements needed to be done to help us be in a conducing learning environment. Not only the buildings but focusing on improving other areas as well,” said the School Chaplain.

Facing a downfall over the past two years in its academic performance because of poor Administration leadership, observation has proven that Siota PSS is recovering and improving again under the leadership of Fr Patterson Tako, who was brought back in the province by authority to lead the school this year.

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