Australia gov’t stand to eliminate violence

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Partcipants who attended the launching ceremony of Video Documentation on Breaking the Culture of Silence on Monday

AUSTRALIA Government has maintained its stand to help eliminate violence against women and to reduce the impact of violence in the country.

Speaking at the launching of video documentation on breaking the culture of silence, Mrs Florrie Alalo, representative from the Australian High Commission, said Australia has been and will be instrumental in ending violence against women.

“Ending violence against women and girls is a key priority for Australia both domestically and international development and we are pleased to support the United Nation Women over five years under the Pacific fund.

“Violence and fear of violence restricts women lives, opportunities and causes significant physical and emotional injury and have long life impact.

“It’s still wide spread and creates a significant financial cost for countries, with spending required for health care, social services, policing and justice system,” she said.

Mrs Alalo said launching of a video documentary on real life stories is a significant achievement culminated by Vois Blo Mere Solomon Islands (VBMSI).

She said the documentary signifies hope as it will reach communities and families nationwide who are prepared for better changes.

“These soulful stories of lost hope will bring light at the end of the tunnel and that light can be realised if we collectively support from East to West and from North to South that violence against women is bad,” Mrs Alalo said.

She said it is time to educate younger generations to understand the negative impact of violence against women.

Mrs Alalo said men and women will utilise great potential to move the country forward if women are physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially supported in all level of lives.

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