Youth kava training an ongoing program

Kava stalks are distributed to youths from wards 15 and 16 during a youth kava training at Faumamanu this year.
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MALAITA Provincial Youth Desk has reassured its commitment to reach out with its “Youth Kava Training” for youths in Malaita province.

According to information received from the office, the training program is ongoing and they will make sure it reaches 27 wards in the province.

It said Malaita has 33 wards, six of them are coastal wards which will look at fishery projects, while 27 wards are to roll out with the kava program especially for youths.

And out of these 27 wards, seven wards had been visited with the youth kava training program while 20 wards are yet to approaced.

The wards included; wards two, four, six, seven, 10, 15 and 29 and more than 600 youths had attended the kava trainings programs in their respective wards.

Also during the trainings, youths were distributed with kava stalks to encourage them into the industry.

According to the youth office, the program is part of MARA government’s policy of restorative economy that encourages Malaitans to make great use and benefit from their abundant resources.

The policy promotes self-reliance and as part of it, the kava training program is encouraging youths to think self-reliance and do away with the dependency syndrome. 

The kava training is part of the provincial youth office’s priority programs and they will ensure all youths in the province benefit from it, despite budget hindrance the office is facing to roll out the program.