Yacht causes scare in Ugi


A yacht anchoring off Selwyn Bay, Ugi island, Makira-Ulawa province is causing a scare.

Kirakira police yesterday told the paper the principal of nearby Pawa school had raised to them concerns of this yacht and the scare it is causing on surrounding coastal communities as well as staff and students of Pawa.

Kirakira police say they have alerted authorities in Honiara, and are standing by for any order from the capital.

Community rumours reaching Kirakira police say the yacht had run into some mechanical problem, thereby forcing it to drop anchor.

Provincial Police Commander advises surrounding communities not to go near the yacht as the country is currently in State of Public Emergency.

The yacht carries two male foreigners; the description of the yacht is white in colour with the name Vivre, and one mast.

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