Women candidates urged to join political parties


PRIME Minister Rick Houenipwela has urged intending female candidates of Malaita to join and work closely with political parties.

He said this statement in relation to the Malaita Women’s empowerment and Development policy 2018 to 2022 policy outcome 5 – equal participation of men and women in leadership roles and decision making.

“If you (women of Malaita) want to be voted into parliament I encourage you to join in with any existing political parties in the country and work closely with men.

“And if it happens that you are not eligible due to having less voters voted you, you can still be with the political parties in terms of giving directions to the party policy because these are the policies members of Parliament always based their sentiments from.”

On the same issue, MP for East Malaita and Opposition Leader Manasseh Maelanga said that political party is the first place where aspiring women can first articulate with men and they (men) can support women to represent their people.

“I urge you to join political parties from there we will support you and will encourage other men and women to go for you when it comes to election period,” he said.

This policy outcome was discussed in yesterday’s dialogue because there is less representation of women in the political spheres, both national and provincial.

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