Woman faces 23 counts of stealing from employer

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A former female employee of the CDL Company has appeared in court yesterday for allegedly stealing from the company since 2017.

Allegations said that the accused, Elizabeth Tara, was a sales officer at the CDL Company, since 2007.

Police alleged that in June 2019 the company received complaints from people that the accused usually spends huge amounts of money.

After receiving the report the company made some checks and balances on the company’s record and it showed the CDL Company encountering huge losses on their account records.

The CDL management then made enquiries – around $99,950 SBD had been lost.

Police said CDL company usually purchases mill run bags from Global Vision Company Limited and the reconciliation done on their accounts showed that 1,999 bags of mill run were lost.

The company made further enquiries with Global Vision which revealed that some vehicles always went directly to them to collect the mill run authorised by Elizabeth Tara.

On June 2, 2019 a vehicle went to the Delite industries to pick up 50 bags of mill run without order forms, it was at that time the accused was caught and admitted to the CDL Company that she used to steal from the company since 2017.

The matter was then reported to the police in which the accused was questioned and charged for the alleged offence.

The alleged accused will appear again in the next 14 days.

Police Prosecutor Iete Tebakota prosecutes the case in court.