Withdrawal of Taiarata concession lands and Wairokai operations



ONE of the Taiarata licensees confirmed to Island Sun in Auki that the Taiarata concession lands have withdrawn from the intended operations at Wairokai in West Are’are in Malaita province.

He said, the deed of assignment executed between our business ventures is terminated for with on the grounds that “A separate account to be created by contractor for Taiarata and its landowners for payments and liabilities.

He said the current arrangement under Iruhau account bears risks of confusion and mixed up liabilities for repayments of advance.

“There is approval in writing from commissioner of forests on deed of assignment.”

“The deed was executed on advice by Mr. Hii one of the land owners said that a declaration will be filed with commissioner of forest and approval.”

“The commissioner however advised Taiarata that this is not being possible.”

The deed is therefore null and avoid and not binding on parties unless approval is given by the commissioner of forest.

An access agreement shall be the option to allow operation to move inland from log pond.

The concern Are’are man also added that the executive of access agreements with both land owners and licensees in respect of lands held under inter zone license.

He also said that the geographical location of concession makes it impossible for machines to bypass inter zone and Taiarata lands.

The negotiations and signing of Marahu log pond agreement for Irora licensee operation in the case where Hera log pond landing is closed or disturbed of in the case where contractor intend to land all machines in one log pond and later disburse to Irora concession.

An improve show of courtesy, communication, diplomacy, and understanding between PCE coordinator and Taiarata chairman and no opportunity given to discuss and rescue issues raised here in.

The executive of written and signed agreement for skidding logs, execution of agreement construction and gravel of access roads and production of approved harvesting plan which must distinguish the separate license concession and over laps may disturb operation.

Those are some issues raised can be solved quickly but some will need finance to resolve.

The Taiarata believes and insists that these issues must be solved to ensure on successful and undisturbed logging operation.

Even though PCE regard me as nobody important I still advice my fellow land owners in Honiara and malaita regarding all matters of concern I have stated, he said.

The effect of this issue is that any movement of machinery of labour beyond Marahu log pond will be deemed tress pass if no proper access agreements are negotiated and signed.

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