Western provincial election awaits minister’s approval

Provincial Assembly Hon Speaker Adrian Sinabule Gina
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SPEAKER of Western Province says the date for the Western provincial elections is yet to be approved by Minister of Provincial Government.

In an interview with Island Sun Gizo office, Adrian S Gina said electoral commission through the Boundary Commission is reviewing the date and timeframe of the election.

He explained that recommendations from Boundary Commission will then be submitted to the cabinet for review before the minister of provincial government can make the announcement.

“According to Western Province’s Standing Order, the provincial assembly is to be dissolved on 13 June when the term of four years lap – meaning announcement of new election date should be announced prior and before 13 June.

“Another thing we should understand is that the announcement made by Electoral Commission points beyond June 13 and this is why the review of election date is carried out,” Mr Gina said.

He said a new gazette order will be made to legalise the time frame and actual date of election.

Gina adds that the Minister of Provincial government will propose a bill to the parliament for the gazette order to be endorsed.

He stressed that all these procedures are required to satisfy legal processes as stipulated under the provincial government act and the electoral act.

Gina said he is working closely with the electoral commission and ministry of provincial government and will inform the Western populace. 

“I’ve consulted Electoral Commission and from our conversation, election is expecting to take place either in July or early August this year.

“Again, this is an information that I’ve got from Electoral Commission – meaning I might be wrong as it depend very much on the review process,” he added.

Gina said Western Provincial Government has already formulated budget allocation for the election.

He stressed that the assembly will meet before it dissolves.