Wale tells Malaita voters to vote DCGA MPs out

Guest of honor to Malaita Day celebration yesterday, Leader of Opposition, Hon Matthew Wale.
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LEADER of Opposition Matthew Wale has told Malaitans to vote out Malaita MPs in DCGA for what he describes as ‘non-prioritisation of issues of Malaita province’.

MP for Aoke Langa Langa who was the guest of honour to the Malaita province’s 39th Second Appointed Day made the call in his keynote address during the celebration on Monday this week in Auki.

He said the rationale behind the non-attendance of Malaita MPs to the Malaita Day was because of the political standoff between Malaita provincial government and DCGA government.

“We people are the ones that elect government. The way we made government is by electing those who truly represent us, and those who truly represent us must represent us.

“They won’t go there and represent their own interests or interests of others,” Wale said.

He said Malaita province celebrated its 39th Second Appointed Day. What did the province celebrates, while central government continues to lie to Malaita province.

“How many more years will we celebrate Second Appointed Day and nothing to show for it? We cannot continue like that,” Wale said.

He said all these things are happening and the only way to triumph over them is to change the government that is in Honiara, DCGA. That is the only way.

“We must change this government in the ballot box. Including those from Malaita in the government who went there and forgot the interests of Malaita” Wale said.

On that note, he called on Malaitans to look forward with resolute to be in their hands, mind and hearts.’

“Make sure of it and the way we make sure of it is to understand the true interests of Malaita where they are not different from the interests of other provinces.

“And therefore what must guide our decisions in making sure that the national government is truly a government of people, by the people and for the people,” Wale said.