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By Taromane Martin 

TWELVE teams have so far confirmed their participation for this year’s National  Easter Volleyball Championship, the Solomon Islands Volleyball Federation (SIVF)  said. 

The 14th national volleyball  championship is confirmed on the 4th to 11th April 2021 at Town Ground Rugby stadium.

Volleyball President Morris Maitaki said spaces are still available for interested men’s and women’s teams.

“So far we had received 12 teams for men and 7 teams for women.There are only 4 spaces still available for men competition and 3 spaces for women competition,” he stated.

“Three more spaces are available for women’s team to make it to 10 teams for 2 pools of 5 teams per pools, while only  four more spaces for men’s to make it to 16 teams for 4 pools.

“Coaches, team managers and captains please do attend our technical brief meeting on the 1st April 2021 on  thursday at 4:30pm at NOCSI conference room for confirmations of teams and draws.

“Registration fee will also due same on Thursday. Steward Seuika will conduct a pre-brief  sessions on the law of the game.

“Team Registrations is only 12 players and 2 officials,” Maitaki adds. 

The men and women competition entries for the national Easter volleyball championship next month meanwhile are:


1. Central Honiara 1

2. Central Honiara 2.

3. West Honiara

4. Rainbow 1

5. Rainbow 2

6. Kana 1

7. Kana 2


9. Renbel

10.Kuks Town 1

11.Kuks Town 2


Women competition:

1. Arasina 

2. Renbel

3..Central Honiara

4. Rainbow


6. Auki

7. Kuks Town