Vella resource owners say “Yes”

Chiefs and government officials along with Hon Kologeto and Hon Rore pose for a group photo during the event
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LANDOWNERS of Vella La Vella, Western Province have shown their willingness and commitment to a proposed Oil Palm project.

Government Officials led by Members of Parliament for Southeast Vella Constituency, Fredrick Kologeto and Member of Parliament for North Vella Constituency Clezy Rore, Officers from the Prime Minister’s Office, Officials from Ministry of Commerce, Officials from Ministry of Rural Development, Officers from Western Provincial Government and representative of Guadalcanal Plain Palm Oil Limited sat down and discussed the proposed project with landowners who expressed their interests to work with the national government in the implementation of the project on Friday last week at the Vella Development Center.

Resource owners’ willingness and interest towards the proposed project was evident at the end of consultation as they signed a communique to kick off the process that would lead to the fulfilment of the project.

Chief Vovoro signed the document

In his short opening remarks Kologeto said the objective of the proposed project is to bring employment opportunity closer to the people as well as bringing in long term development to Vella.

He said the proposed project came about after consultations were made with leaders of Vella.

“I and my colleague Minister, Rore discussed this proposed project and see the need to carry it forward, so we consult some of our leaders and scholars about this.

“With collective brains, we decided to drive this project. It is not about us, it is about the present and future generation, and how they can benefit from our resources,” Kologeto said.

Government officials garland and shake hands with community representatives upon arrival

He acknowledged chiefs, resources owners and government officials who have responded positively to the call for the meeting.

Minister Rore shared similar sentiment saying that it is time to establish long term developments that would stimulate long term benefits for Vella and Western province.

He said Vella is a sleeping giant when comes to development and the time is right to help chiefs, resource owners and people of Vella that potential and untapped development opportunities.

“Vella has the human resources that would to drive potential development. We are the highest contributor of copra market in both domestic and international market, so why not we go further with other commodities,” Rore said.

He said the proposal is to make a difference and bring long term development that would benefit present and future generation.

 “I’m pleased to see landowners and resources owners come together today to discuss this important development aspiration. As we know, land issue has been one of the challenge that hindered national developments, as such we are here today to make way by talking to each other on how best we can drive this proposed project.

Hon Kologeto and Hon Rore greeted by garlanding team before shaking hands with chief of Vella

“We must understand that such development can bring in other important development such as roads and other infrastructures, so benefits can be tripled,” Rore said.

Former Premier, Christian Barley Mesepitu acknowledge the National Government for recognizing the importance of the project to the people of Vella and Western Province.

He also acknowledge Government delegations as well as chiefs and resources owners who showed their willingness and interests towards the proposed project.

Government Officials heading towards Vella Development Cooperation center

“I acknowledge Kologeto and Rore for working together to drive the proposed oil palm project. It has been so long where our leaders unable to work together and now is the time.

“Today we are showing the strength of working together. When national leaders, chiefs, resource owners and people work together, we can make a difference,” Mesepitu said.

On behalf of the chiefs and resources owners, Alex Lionel said resource owners fully support the proposed project and are looking forward to looking with those who will be implementing the project.

He said it is time for resource owners and landowners to come together for a common good and that is to accept the development as it will have long term benefits for not only the landowners but also people of Vella.

According to documents, the project will be implemented at Oula Basin, Vella.