USO company contract questioned


A company awarded a contract to build a school in Bellona is under question.

USO Development and Construction Limited has won a $1.1 million contract, awarded by Central Tender Board to build a school in Bellona Island.

However, a prominent man from Rennell and Bellona has questioned CTB in the Ministry of Finance and Treasury to award contract to USO because it is owned by a lawyer and politician.

The Renbel man claimed the company has no work history and should not be awarded the contract.

“Gray should be in the court and the MPA concentrates on politics,” the Renbel man said.

Company Haus that USO is owned by Director of Public Solicitor, George Gray and Member of Provincial Assembly for ward-4 in Renbel province, Eric Saueha.

Saueha said the company is still to sign a contract with CTB to commence the three to four months’ work.

He said the company will meet every expense like hiring of a badge, timbers and hard wire because there is none on the island.

Saueha said despite the cost, they have to do it because the building is important for their children in future.

“After we complete the work, we will bill the government of all the expenses,” he added.

He said other 10 companies have been awarded by CTB to build schools in other provinces as well.

A officer in CTB confirmed the company has met the criteria of the Technical Evaluation Committee in the Ministry of Education and Human Resources.

The officer said USO is a new company but the MEHR wants to try out in this contract.

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