Urgent action needed against rising sea levels and climate change


The concerning erosion of coastlines in Isabel’s villages and islands, attributed to the rising sea levels, has become a pressing issue.

 During a recent visit to Isabel, it was evident that coastal erosion is an ongoing problem, prompting growing concerns among the local population regarding sea-level changes and the broader impacts of climate change. Several individuals interviewed expressed apprehension about their future.

They observed that in the past, weather patterns were relatively predictable, but nowadays, predicting weather has become increasingly challenging. This unpredictability is compounding their worries.

Previously, the Isabel Provincial Government (IPG) emphasized the necessity of a well-coordinated approach, involving both national and provincial governments, to develop effective policies for climate change mitigation and prevention. The IPG underscored the harsh reality of climate change, pointing to the gradual disappearance of coastlines and the transformation of some islands into islets. These changes have adversely affected inland areas, leading to the loss of land for housing and agriculture, as well as the depletion of fertile soil due to soil erosion and flooding.

In addition to these concerns, an elderly woman voiced her opinion that the government should adopt a proactive approach when planning and designing infrastructure, homes, and related aspects. This approach, she argued, would help minimize the unnecessary financial burdens that can arise from inadequate planning.

The IPG has also stressed that climate change is a global environmental crisis, emphasizing the urgency of addressing its impact at both local and global levels. It is clear that the erosion of Isabel’s coastlines and the broader consequences of climate change require immediate attention and collaborative efforts from all levels of government and the community.

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