United Church centenary brings reconciliation

By Mike Puia


THE centenary celebration held at Nazareth Village, Marovo lagoon, in the Western province on Sunday has brought about reconciliation among disputing families.

Former Member of Parliament for North New Georgia Constituency, Job Tausinga, stood at the celebration and declared that he is dropping a court case against his relatives.

Tausinga, who served 26 years as an MP, said the action he is proposing serves to fulfil the purpose of the centenary.

United Church members in the province and in Choiseul province and Honiara attended the event.

The event commemorates the day the gospel reached the Choe people who now live in Nazareth village. Tausinga is also a man from Choe.

Tausinga and his relatives have been in dispute over an island call Ngaringari.

According to people living in the Marovo lagoon, the Ngaringari dispute is a long time dispute between Tausinga and his relatives.

Tausinga said they desire peace and this is why he has decided to cancel the court case.

The declaration received a round of applaud, with much enthusiastic loud shouting and clapping of admiration.

According to Tausinga, the dispute is a family dispute but it had reached a point where it separated them.

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