Traffic congestion due to Geotech drilling


Geotech drilling works for the upcoming sewer mainline along the main Kukum Highway Road was the main cause of the traffic congestion for vehicles heading east bound.

Work on the project began early this week where engineers have to close off one of the east bound lanes starting at Fishing Village, allowing only one lane for vehicles east bound to travel resulting in a long traffic que at Kukum area and right up to Panatina Plaza.

Tongs corporation in a statement posted on their Facebook page yesterday said it is important that engineers carried out the Geotechnical work for the upcoming Sewer works main line.

“Joined the traffic que at the Kukum area and wondering why they are drilling into the road?

“The short answer is… engineers are now conducting It’s important that before any pipes are laid prior to the road upgrade that designs are verified by taking into account what is actually happening under the ground

“By identifying things such as the water level and soil condition, engineers can verify expected bouancy / flotation issues in the soil removing any assumptions on the designs. This is important to ensure sewers are installed correctly and don’t pop out of the ground or break once complete

“Geotechnical surveys are important and cannot be avoided especially as the country embarks on major infrastructure projects.  Unfortunately, in our case it will cause some traffic, but in the long run its worth it.” Tongs said in the statement.

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