TOLOA gives Malaita provincial govt 90 days


Talahanea Original Land and Resource Owners Association (TOLOA) Board of Trustees have issued a three-month notice to the Malaita Provincial Government to resolve rental arrears for two water dams built at Weilulu head stream source build within customary land outside Talahanea 2 provincial boundary.

In an interview with this paper TOLOA Board of Trustees representative Alfred Karuheu said TOLOA Board of Trustees decided to issue the warning based on a recent meeting concerning the matter and lack of forthcoming discussion by the Malaita Provincial Government.

“A letter was written by the TOLOA Trust Board and Executive Committee on 03rd December 2021 addressed to the Hon. Premier and attention to Provincial Secretary. On the same note, a letter was written to the senior Administration Officer South, Afio based attention to Officer in Charge Rural Water Supply on date 7th December 2021.

“Non response to the above legal letters shows negligent of duty of care in your higher office.

“I refer you to letter given to Senior Admin Officer South that stated the SAO must come to Auki to discuss the Water Dam with PS at Auki for monthly rental purposes at $30,000/dam and $60,000 for both per month.

“Be aware that the above-mentioned rental must be back dated to 2019 estimated at $3,600,000.

“I am urging you the Provincial Secretary and Malaita Legal Advisor to prepare a Memorandum of Understanding after discussing the issue with the Senior Admin Officer South and TOLOA Trust Board incorporated in the next 90 days/ three months.

“I advise you to resolute the issue out of court. I hold documents and information to go to the High Court of Solomon Islands.

“This is to show to the people of this country and Malaita Province that you are operating on bad governance, not on good governance in Malaita Provincial Government,” Mr Karuheu said.

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