Three buses involved in market pile-up

The scene of the incident this week.
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A traffic incident at the Honiara City Council bus-stop has resulted in a “chain reaction” involving three buses running into each other on Wednesday afternoon.

Luckily passengers in all three buses escaped unhurt with no casualties.

This after an oncoming bus (Driver C) hit the back of the parking bus (Driver B), which forced it to hit the waiting bus (Driver A) in front of it.

The oncoming bus sustained big damage to its front screen and door.

The middle bus sustained big damages to its screen and back door because of the collision.

The bus infront sustained minor damage to its back screen and back door.

Island Sun was at the screen to witness the accident which attracted a huge crowd near the Magistrate court.

One woman passenger in the middle bus said the collision nearly gave her a heart attack.

She was about to get off the bus when the incoming bus hit the back of it.

The Honiara City Council law enforcement and Police Traffic attended the scene and dealt with the issue.

It is unclear whether police has made any arrest after the accident.