Tenants of Auki Plaza await repatriation payment



TENANTS of Auki Plaza are awaiting repatriation payments before moving out from the building.

A member of Malaita People’s Power Association told this paper yesterday on the tenant’s agreement on the issue.

The person said after everything that has happened with the issues, they have come to an understanding with the Malaita Provincial Government to settle the issue.

The person said the province has held dialogue with them and they have agreed with the assurances given by the province for repatriation.

The person said tenants acknowledged the province for the initiative and they are hoping to solve the issue soon.

“During the discussion both the province and the tenants agreed for a repatriation of $5,000 per head of the tenants.

“So currently this is what the tenants are waiting. They are not ignorant however if the repatriation happens they will leave as agreed,” the person said.

Information sighted by this paper stated that Auki Plaza repatriation is among other priorities Malaita provincial government is currently pursuing.

However, it depends on the service grant and if funds are available the province will proceed with the payment.

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