Tatamba Court House open for administering justice.


Gao Bugotu Constituency officially handed over a court house at Tatamba on Wednesday to the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs (MJLA) to administer justice in the rural areas.

The court house was handed over to the Permanent Secretary of MJLA Dr Paul Mae by Member of Parliament for Gao Bugotu constituency Samuel Manetoali witnessed by chiefs and the surrounding communities.

Speaking during the handover ceremony Mr Manetoali said his people are law abiding and want to see law and order strengthened in their communities.

He said the establishment of the court house will strengthen the role and responsibilities of local chiefs in the rural villages.

He said there are 10 houses of chiefs within the Gao Bugotu constituency.

They are Kilo Funei, Siromola, Sutugrabo, Glave, Mahaga Solouito, Kamaru Taitahi, Viraga Sirohoru, Anuha Televuga, Bofata and Loki Ha Tetegara House of Chiefs.

Anuha Televuga House of Chiefs during the parade

He salutes these houses of chiefs for their hard work to ensure communities within his constituency are law abiding.

He said with the court house now available right at their centre it will strengthen their role and responsibilities not only to deal with land issues but also to deal with minor, civil cases and criminal cases.

“Now that we have a court house your work will be more strengthened,” he said.

Manetoali also wants to see some of his chiefs appointed to be members of the local court so that they can hear minor, civil and criminal cases.

He said the establishment of the court house is part of his constituency long term plan to develop Tatamba into Economic growth centre.

Gao Bugotu House of chiefs stand after the parade

In 2013, Tatamba was launched to become a location for Gao Bugotu constituency growth center.

Already a police post is up and running, wharf have been rehabilitated and the latest is the opening of the court house.

The other project in progress is the completion of an office complex that will accommodates Tourism office, Forestry, Agriculture, Fishery, Traditional governance and provincial treasury.

He said the office complex is expecting to be completed before the end of this year.

He said the whole idea is to bring the government offices to the community to deliver the much-needed services where people can participate equally in generating incomes for themselves and the country.

The court house is jointly funded by People’s Republic of China and the Government through the Rural Constituency Development Fund. He acknowledges the government, PRC, provincial government and Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs for assistance his constituency achieved its development aspiration

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