Taro airport needs repair

Taro Island
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The Choiseul provincial government is querying the delay in works on the Taro airport.

The terminal and runway are reportedly in run-down state.

And, the province’s government is seeking answers from the national government.

An upgrade project was proposed to start last year but never got the chance to get off ground due to covid-19, it is reported.

Speaking to the paper from Taro, Choiseul, Deputy premier Nerio Ulemiki says, “Government of New Zealand promised to upgrade the Taro airfield in Choiseul Province, but nothing has been heard so far since 2020.

“Every day, this small airport is always busy with travellers of different classes.

“Most are general public, government workers, NGOs, and tourists from provinces.

“We understand that Taro was one of the airport to be upgraded and Seghe respectively,” he said.

Ulemiki said the New Zealand Government had allocated NZD20 million and the Solomon Islands Government NZD7million for the upgrade.

However, he said due to unknown reasons, the upgrade has been delayed.

He said the design of the Taro airfield has already been completed and the appointment of the Community Advisory Committee made. The project implementation timeframe is for one and half year.

A concerned traveller Mr John Pitamama said the people of Choiseul deserve a better airport and infrastructures that meet required standards in order to provide better and quality services.

He called on the New Zealand government to quickly respond and update the provincial government regarding the delay in the Taro airfield upgrade project.