Suidani welcomes team of engineers to Malaita

Members of Kramer Ausenco Engineering group with Premier Daniel Suidani and Advisor Celsius Talifilu during their courtesy visit to Premier Suidani’s office yesterday in Auki....Photo supplied
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MALAITA Premier Daniel Suidani has welcomed the Kramer Ausenco Engineering group to Auki yesterday to his office.

The engineering team is in Auki to conduct survey on the USAID SCALE A&E project, Kilu’ufi hospital building JICA project and Kilu’ufi isolation sites project.

According to the premier’s adviser Celsius Talifilu, the engineering group is in Auki to progress work on three main projects.

These include the USAID SCALE A & E component implemented by Green Power Technology that deals with the development of processing plants and agriculture warehouses at Gwaigeo as well as 1.8km road from the main road.

Kramer is expected to conduct a geotechnical study of the site for lab tests as well.

On the other two projects, Kramer is collecting data for the Japanese JICA Kilu’ufi new hospital building. It is expected that the data will be important for the JICA field visits in April 2022.

“Similar work will be done at Kilu’ufi in preparation for the covid-19 isolation projects sites,” Talifilu said.

Suidani said he is pleased to see progress is gradually developing on these important projects.

“It is important that you come to Auki to progress these important projects for not only Malaita but for Solomon Islands as well,” Suidani told the team.

Talifilu said the team is being assisted by Green Power Technology in Auki and they expect to be in the provincial capital for a week.