Suidani: we are working with DCGA on issues

Premier Daniel Suidani delivering his 2nd Appointed Day speech during the celebration
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PREMIER Daniel Suidani says his government is listening and working closely with the DCGA government on issues of their political differences.

In his speech during the Malaita province 39th Second Appointed Day celebration Monday this week in Auki he said:

“As you may aware, the relationship between MARA provincial government and the DCGA national government has been in strain for sometimes.

“This has led some sectors of the province to accuse the MARA government of being too rigid on its part to accept political decisions of the national government and therefore delaying development to the province.

“The same people have accused the MARA government in regards to the Malaita Provincial Government Auki Communiqué.

“I would like to inform you my good people of Malaita province that your MARA government is listening and is working closely with the national government on these issues,” he said.

Suidani said that as MARA government has an opportunity to lead the current Malaita provincial government, important observations were made on how the province is operating since its establishment.

He said in response to the observations, MARA government thought it’s best to come up with a set of principles to guide its development pathway and aspirations.

And this is more urging in light of the current prevailing geopolitical realities.

Suidani said MARA government is concern that Malaita province would be vulnerable to developments that may at the end deprived its local population than strengthening and improving them.

He said in that, MARA government and later the MALA MOI High Council of Chiefs have agreed to sign the Malaita Provincial Government Auki Communiqué.

Suidani said the communiqué is an important and progressive document that outlines the principles of what Malaita province should follow in its development aspirations.

He explained that the communiqué is not a legal document and therefore doesn’t necessary to has the enforceability of law if one decide not to respect the document.

However, Suidani said that the province expects to take tough stands on the principles and will ensure it won’t tampered with manners are disrespectful to the spirit of the communiqué.