Suidani urges electors not to vote independent candidates

Premier Suidani is carried on a platform as he and his delegation was welcome by Malaitans in Auki .
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PREMIER of Malaita province, Daniel Suidani warns Malaitan electorates not to vote independent candidates in the next General Election.

The premier said although he respects the voting rights of everyone, he has reasons for the call, further urging Malaitans to look and think beyond past voting practices.

“This time around, if any candidate contests the next national general election as an independent candidate, don’t vote him/her.

“That advice is from me.

“I find it very difficult when elected independent candidates arrive in Honiara and jump from camp to camp.

“It is a shame for the leader who is elected by his/her people only to be pulled here and there.

“The reason is that elected independent representatives don’t have any vision and dreams, because they didn’t contest under political parties.

“So stop looking at independent candidates,” he said.

Suidani said although governments often form under a coalition, it is fair enough for different parties to merge manifestos and lead the country with sets of visions as one.

He said in the case of independent candidates, they have no base before going there and they are most likely the ones that are causing instabilities in parliament.

“So I encourage whoever in the province that is planning to contest the upcoming election to join a political party before contesting.

“And for voters, don’t waste time with independent candidates.

“It’s time to change Malaita. We want our leaders to be united under one manifesto, principles and vision in order to take this province forward.

“It’s time that we vote true leaders who care about the issues of this province,” Suidani said.

He said the MARA government is serious on leadership issues currently faced and it’s high time voters  re-group their mindset and think political parties and not independent candidates.