Suidani asked to clarify $5m help from Taiwan

Premier of Malaita province Daniel Suidani
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MALAITA Provincial Assembly Member for ward 11 Elizah Asilaua has called on Premier Daniel Suidani to clarify the $5 million financial assistance from Republic of China (Taiwan) last year.

Asilaua said the financial assistance came in the name of the Malaita people and the premier must clarify how they spent that money.

He said how ROC provided that $5m assistance was also done without consultation with the executive members and the assembly; the arrangement was done by the Premier himself, his advisor and the then suspended Provincial Secretary.

“And during the executive meeting the premier confirmed to us that the financial assistance provided by Taiwan is for payment of 20030 bags of rice for all 33 wards in Malaita which was not forth coming.

“Only 17 wards in Malaita got their shares with 200 bags of rice each other 16 wards still without any rice till now, so Premier Suidani you must explain and clarify to the people of Malaita what have you and your team spent on the 5M dollar financial assistance from Taiwan,” Asilaua claimed.

He said they have been calling on the Premier to provide a break-down and report on that money but he has not responded.

Asilaua also claimed that even transport hiring for delivery of rice during that time was not paid as well and the truck owners are still asking for their bills.

Asilaua said all arrangements made in the Malaita Provincial Government was only made by the premier without any consultation from his executives and the assembly.

Asilaua also said that the action of Premier Suidani with his cronies in securing financial assistance from Taiwan and diplomatic ties with ROC cause a serious doubt on the integrity and quality of leadership by Premier Suidani; worst still, assistance from Taiwan was made outside of the legal framework of Governance under the Provincial Fund.

Asilaua also claimed that the money from Taiwan purposely was to fund MARA on its planned activities inside Malaita Province and this is a clear case where the Speaker of the Malaita Provincial Assembly should apply section 15 (subsection 1) under the provincial government act and disqualify Suidani as MPA.

“Therefore, we do not have the trust and confidence on Suidani’s government as he is very much listening on his advisor rather his colleague ministers,” Asilaua added.

Comments are being sought from Suidani.