Successful Pentecost celebration at Don Bosco

Youths who participated in singing.
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More than 300 Catholic youths of Holy Cross Parish, Bishop Epalle Mass Centre and Good Shepherd gathered at Don Bosco, Henderson, East Honiara for the Pentecost weekend which successfully ended on Sunday.

The Youth weekend Camp opened with an opening Holy Mass led by His Grace Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP, concelebrated by Don Bosco Rector and Holy Cross Youth Chaplain and Ast Secretary to Bishop Conference Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands (PNGSI).

Breakfast preparations for the youths

The youths were also privileged to sit and listen to inspiring talks and encouragement from two Catholic priests Fr James Ere’ai who teaches at Holy Name of Mary Seminary and Bishop Epalle Catholic School on Fundamental Moral Theology based hi Basic Moral Theology and Fr Mark Misiwasi Youth Chaplain.

Holy Cross Cathedral Parish Youth Chaplain Fr Misiwasi told Catholic Communication that it is important to involve youths in programmes that should form them to become better individuals.

Openning Mass Led by Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP

Moreover, this gathering prepared youths for the upcoming Saint Joseph’s Cup that is in June. Therefore, this weekend involved inspiration talks and at the same time sports and a time to reflect. He said

Youth girls playing Netball during the fun day

“Most times youths have been neglected and this programme hopes to equip them with positive attitudes and good moral so that when they go back to their communities they feel like they belong in a community of love and care.”

The weekend was filled with games, inspiring talks, prayer and meditation and more fun.

Fr. Mark Misiwasi [Holy Cross Youth Chaplain and Ast.Sec.Bishop Conference PNGSI] and Fr. James Ereai [Lecturer at Holy Name of Mary Seminary and BECS Chaplain]

They ended youth Pentecost weekend on Pentecost Sunday, the 5th Sunday after Easter when the Holy Spirit transformed fearful apostles into courageous witnesses to Christ. According to the scriptures, three thousand people had themselves baptised and the miracle of the language on Pentecost shows that the Church is there for all peoples from the very beginning and today the Holy Spirit is the Soul of the Church, the essential principle of her life.

Boys Played Soccer during the pentecost weekend

Main celebrant was Fr Mark Misiwasi with his concelebrant Fr John, who is also Director of Don Bosco Technical Institution at Henderson, East Honiara.

The beautiful liturgy was sang by the Holy Cross youths and more than 400 youths and peoples of the surrounding area came to celebrate the feast day of Holy Spirit and to witness the games and fun.

Youths who participated

During the inspiration homily Fr Mark said the reading reminded them of the three important truths about the Church as essentially missionary and all her member.

“First is that all who are baptised in the spirit and are call to be missionaries not just priests and religious.

 “Second is that the Holy Spirit is the principal agent of mission.

“We are members of the church and are simply instruments in her hands.”

He then reflected on a story that pictured the youths to allow the power of the Holy Spirit to lead them.

“The question on Pentecost, is not whether God is blessing our own plans and programmes but whether we are OPEN to the great opportunities to which his spirit calls us.”