Students miss third Manila repa-flight

Secretary to Prime Minister Dr Jimmie Rodgers
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SEVENTEEN students missed the third repatriation flight due to ‘paper work matters’.

This brings the total number of our students in the Philippines yet to be brought home to 44.

Dr Jimmie Rodgers, secretary to Prime Minister, said “these students were not able to make it home due to paper work matters.

“And so, at the moment there is a total of about 44 students who are still in Philippines. Over sight Committee is now working on how to bring them home.

“On the third Manila Repatriation flight 17 students were not able to make it home due to paper work.

“We offload nine, six of whom were positive and were now detected negative and another group that were close contact.

“So, we can now start planning for this repatriation flight likely maybe in three-week times.

“We also have one of our students who cannot fly because she is ready to give birth to her baby before the next repatriation flight is scheduled,” said Rodgers.

He said for repatriation flights, the oversight committee had agreed that after the high-risk repatriation flight on February 7, repatriation flights will come to a stop and be reviewed by the Oversight Committee and forwarded to caucus to have the final decision on the rest of the repatriation flights for this year.

Rodgers said the latest chartered repatriation flight which arrived this week is the Guangzhou flight

He said this flight brought in workers to work at the Mamara Tasifarongo development focusing on housing project will arrive today.

Rodgers echoed this during the second radio talk back show on COVID-19 updates for this year.