Students in Fiji reminded to follow regulations

USP main campus in Laucala, Fiji.
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NEWS cases are recorded daily in Fiji, and Solomon Islanders working and studying there are reminded to abide by COVID-19 hygiene protocols and regulations.

On Tuesday, the Student Education Attaché in an email to students thanked them for adhering to health protocols since the start of the covid 19 re-emergence in Fiji. 

“All we need to do now is to practice the hygiene protocols in place and follow strict measures of going to supermarkets to find food and other necessities,” the email stated.

Students who have been vaccinated have been asked to submit their names.

“This information is important for any emergency plans that may arise in the future during these unprecedented times. Therefore, I kindly request students to send in their information and treat this instruction as urgent as Solomon Islands Government (SIG) is also concern with the safety of students,” the email reads.

A senior student studying at the University of the South Pacific spoken to yesterday said government must not treat lightly the second wave of covid 19 that’s currently battling Fiji.

“Compared to last year, it is totally different, life is hard here, the government needs to think seriously about it,” the student said.

He said the current situation affects students in all fronts.

“Mentally, students cannot cope with school work. When you are busy trying to get down with studies, and next is the Fiji Government announce several new cases, 26, 35, 84 or 95 cases.

“How can we cope and concentrate when cases increase every day?”

The student said things are becoming expensive as well, and calls on the government to seriously think about the situation students currently face.

A student residing in the USP Student Halls informed this paper that students need to show a pass at the gate before they are allowed to go to the supermarket for shopping, but only for one hour.

He said only super markets are open.

As of yesterday, Fiji recorded 845 Covid 19 cases, 234 have recovered and four have died from covid-19.