MP Fataleka Rexon Ramofafia shoots as a Koloale FC women's player jumps
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SIFF organizes small sided games

By Taromane Martin

Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) President William Lai last week kicked off the football for all initiative games at the Lawson Tama Stadium.

The program took place last Wednesday and saw some members of Parliament, SIFF staff and leaders from key sponsors of football participating in a fun small-sided game.

The event was initiated by SIFF President William Lai to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage inclusive of all works of life in football.

A Chinese Dragons player loads a shot

Three teams Chinese Dragons, Koloale women’s team and Parliament members played in the small-sided games,” the federation stated.

Member of Parliament for North Malaita and Minister for Agriculture and Livestock lauds SIFF for the initiative to include government leaders and other stakeholders of football to keep fit by playing small-sided games.

A football fanatic, Hon. Filualea stressed the importance of taking time out from the daily busy schedules to have fun through football.

“Thank you to SIFF first of all. This initiative they’ve done with us, our leaders is a good initiative which can help us physically,” he said.

“Most of the times we have very busy schedules and such initiative helps us mentally and physically and I believe will help us a lot.

Batram Suri chases possesion as Chinese Dragons players look to counter

“I have passion for football and I follow all our TSL team. I don’t miss any single TSL games because for me it’s all about the passion for football. I love this sport very much.

“From discussions I found out that all our other leaders also realize the importance of and I really appreciate SIFF for involving us which is really encouraging.

“For me playing once a week is not enough at least twice a week I think that will really help us,” Filualea said.

MP for West Honiara Namson Tran laughs during the small sided games last Wednesday