South Choi By-election candidates reminded


Six candidates who contested the South Choiseul in the May 2021 national By-election have been reminded to submit their Election Campaign expenditures accounts before September 15 this year.

Chief Electoral Officer and Commissioner, Mrs Jane Waetara said this is to comply with Section 125 of the Electoral Act 2018.

“We still have until September 15 so I want to remind these candidates to submit their election campaign expenditure within the timeline as required by law.”

Waetara said whether the candidates win or lose, they must comply because the obligation is stated under the Act and they must send in their statement to the SIEC before 15 September to prevent possible prosecution.

She explained the law requires all candidates contesting in any national parliamentary election in this case, recent national by-election for South Choiseul Constituency, must file their election related campaign expenditures to the Chief Electoral Officer within a 90 days period beginning a day after the date the election result for that particular election is published in the gazette.

The Electoral Chief said none of the six candidates has submit their expense account as yet.

But she said as soon after the winner in an election is declared, candidates are obliged under the Act to submit their financial expenses during the election.

Each candidate should be able to report all their election campaign related expenses on a special approved form to disclose all funding sources in which they have obtained money from for the purpose of election campaigning and detail proof on what and how they have used the money.

Island understands that there were one female and five male candidates that have contested the South Choiseul national By-election 2021.

The six candidates’ political affiliation are as follows: –

Jackson Kiloe – People First Party

Sammy Qalo – Independent

Luxton Bauro Koraua – Independent

Tozen Leokana – Independent

Naneeth  Tutua – Independent

Amos Papaqui Qurusu – Independent

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