SolAir denies ‘conflict of interest’ report.

Solomon Airlines airbus
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SOLOMON Airlines Ltd has denied any conflict of interest by its Chief Executive Officer, Brett Gebers, in promoting another airline in Australia.

Former Special Secretary to Prime Minister, Andrew Muaki claimed on social media that the CEO is the key adviser to a new airline company starting up in Australia called “Brad”.

Muaki claimed the founding Director of Brad has teamed up with Solomon Airline’s CEO and other experienced aviators, and are planning a revolutionary new way for Australians to travel.

“This is shocking news in the face of all the media news about the Solomon Airline’s CEO losing millions of dollars and driving Solomon Airlines into the verge of liquidation.

“This is definitely a conflict of interest – and it is happening in broad daylight.

“A lot of questions have to be answered honestly. How can a CEO of a National SOE company involve himself with another airline, whilst Solomon Airlines is in a state of bankruptcy?” he asked.

Muaki claimed that recently the Government has had to inject millions of dollars to keep it afloat -and yet the CEO uses his time and energy on another airline, and their venture?

He said this is a conflict of interest in his current role as CEO of Solomon Airlines.

“The CEO must be removed for this is further evidence of his apathy, and shows his little to no interest in Solomon Airlines,” he said.

However, Chairman of Solomon Airlines Board, Frank Wickham said there is no conflict of interest.

“Our CEO’s name was used without his permission. 

“He is not involved with this airline crowdfunding activity, this is misleading and we have asked for his name and profile to be removed,” he said.

“The correct position is that with the awareness of the Solomon Airlines board, on an unpaid basis a long time back, he had provided very limited technical advice to the founder, who he has known personally for many years. 

“He is not a key advisor, and has no formal association with this crowdfunding activity,” Wickham said.

The CEO is currently in Australia after COVID-19 impacts the operation of the airline.