Slow police investigation adjourns Rennell murder case

Death in Paradise
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The case into last month’s killing incident in West Rennell has been adjourned since police are yet to complete investigations.

Prosecution told court yesterday that investigation into the killing at Avatai village is yet to be completed.

Prosecution said police investigators will travel to Rennell today for further investigation into the case as only partial disclosures have been obtained.

Therefore, further adjournment was granted and the case will be mentioned again in court on March 31, 2021.

Meanwhile the court was also informed that the accused is still without a lawyer to represent him with his case.

This is the case of Ashley Ghapuika who is alleged in the murder incident of a 28-yr-old male person on February 15, 2021.

The allegation said that the deceased and his uncle were in their kitchen at Avatai Village in west Rennell trying to light a roll of cigarette.

It was when the deceased was trying to light his smoke, when the suspect entered the door of the kitchen with a long bush knife and walked straight to where the deceased was standing and allegedly cut the deceased once on the back of his neck.

It is believed the deceased was not able to defend himself due to the sudden attack. The suspect later went outside from the kitchen and walked away with his bush knife full of blood.

The deceased was rushed to the Tigoa mini-Hospital in West Rennell in a vehicle but was confirmed dead by the nurse in charge.