SIMA probes ship wreck

Villagers of Peochakuri village in South Guadalcanal watch the MV Haura going ashore on their beach. PHOTO SUPPLIED
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SOLOMON Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA) is investigating the incident which saw MV Haura wrecked on the beach of Peochakuri village in South Guadalcanal last Friday.

Acting Director, Jonah Matau said SIMA is investigating the incident to determine the cause.

He said details of the investigation will be made known by his Director, Thierry Nervale, who is currently overseas.

However, Matau said in such situation, the owner of the vessel must remove it from the beach.

“If he cannot remove it, then the owner needs to discuss with landowners and authority on how to go about it.

“If the ship is insured, then it will be alright,” he said.

According to reports posted on Yumi Tok Tok on social media, MV Haura ran aground following an engine problem.

It is not clear how it went ashore but Facebook posters claimed the ship developed engine problems, drifted and went ashore.

YTTF has no further details at this stage.

“But reacting to this incident, many Weather Coast people have already expressed their concerns and sadness on Facebook because MV Haura is the only ship that has been serving the people of Weather Coast.

“Both South and East Guadalcanal do not have ships like some provincial constituencies,” Benjamin Afuga said.

He said the Weather Coast is considered as an uneconomical route although it is just around the corner of the Island of Guadalcanal.

“Known for its rough seas and unpredictable weather patterns, the weather coast is a common graveyard for a few ships.

“Few years ago, the MV Baruku also went aground at the Weather Coast of Guadalcanal,” he said.