SFA wants to reconcile with Orion

Logging in Solomon Islands. Photo supplied
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ATTEMPTS were made by a so-called police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer and two members of Solomon Forest Association to reconcile with Orion Limited Chan Chee Min last week.

This started when Chan Chee Min received a call on Tuesday, February 2 at 16.09pm from a person who identified himself as Max, a CID from Rove Police Headquarters.

“CID Max insisting meeting me to get details and information for his meeting in the next morning, Wednesday 3rd February on articles published in the Island Sun Newspaper.

“CID Max claims that it is important that he must meet me immediately,” he said.

“When CID Max arrived at my office, I believe him as from Tikopia because of his Polynesian by his light skin texture.

“CID Max asks me if I know Dickson Mua which I said the name sound familiar, which the CID confirmed that he is the current Minister of Forest,” he said.

“CID Max went on and said the Minister of Forest wants to help me to solve my trouble with SFA.

“I immediately tell CID Max that I do not wish to get myself and my business involved in politics and politicians,” Chan said.

“CID Max then continued to talk about hatred of Johnny Sy and the government.

“CID Max asked me where do I live/stay?, where do I go to eat your lunch?, how many people is working in the office?, how many of them are foreigner and how many of the are locals?, who do I stay with?, do you have any security at home?,” Chan said.

“I have the conversation recorded by video cameras. Copies are made and is held by several parties, both local and overseas, if anything were to happen to me, the video will be released,” he said.

Chan said the infamous “Poly Tepai” incident at Kingsley Fast Food Bar in Point Cruz will not happen again.

Tepai was attacked by a group of men allegedly paid by a logging company at the Fast Food bar when he was eating his food.

“I am prepared for many eventualities,” he said.

Furthermore, Chan said on Thursday, February 4 at 09.48am and 10.28am, he received two calls from two SFA members saying that their superiors requested them to relay messages to him.

“They said SFA wants to reconcile with me and I must go and meet the Minister of Forest.

“I paused the two SFA member and replied that I will meet with SFA if they want to meet me,” Chan said.

“That I will not go and meet the Minister of Forest.

“If there is any reason that the Minister of Forest wants to meet me, I expect it to be done officially, serving me letter or notice,” he said.

“Immediately after that, at 10:52 am and 10:54am, I received two calls from “unknown number”, at 10:55 am.

“I received two calls from CID (Max), I declined to answer any of those calls,” he said.

Chan said he is wondering why he was asked to go and see the Minister of Forest.

“What has SFA organized for me with the Minister of Forest?

“Is the Minister of Forest aware of the arrangement?

“Who is CID (Max) real identity?

“Who sent CID (Max)?” he asked.