Service cuts as budget slashed

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs, Dr Cedric Alependava
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MINISTRY of Women, Youths, Children and Family Affairs will have to sacrifice some of their activities due to budget cuts as a result of covid-19.

Under the $4 million budget, the ministry is allocated $9 million under Recurrent Budget and $3 million under Development Budget.

Beside, UNICEF has provided $397 million under Recurrent Budget.

Unlike in the 2020 budget, the ministry was allocated $12 million under the Recurrent Budget.

Permanent Secretary, Dr Cedrick Alependava said with this cut they will sacrifice some of our activities particularly with women, youths and children.

As part of addressing youth’s issues in the country, PS Alependava said the ministry has committed to build youths and children centre at Lata, Temotu province with $3 million.

He said they are anticipating within a period of one year to build one youth and children centre throughout the country

“We have already build partnerships with the redirection policy in collaboration and partnership with other ministries and stakeholders

“With Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, we have already signed with Temotu province. We looking at them to take responsibility with other one centre,” he said.

Dr Alependava said from 721,000 populations, youths made up 70 percent which is 500,000.

However, he said only 20% were absorbed in formal education, while 100,000 left out of work.

Dr Alependava said Youth Art Work was created to capture school drop outs and develop and empower them.

He said SPC and DFAT used to fund the programme six or seven years ago but now diverted their funds to TVET programmes.

Therefore, PS said they put it under National Youth Congress which was established under the Parliamentary White paper and Charitable Act.

He said NYC was only allocated $616,000 which is not good enough to help Youths at Work.

Moreover, PS Alependava said the about $400,000 was allocated to National Council of Women.

He said this is to allow NCW to support Christiane Care Centre in Honiara and Malaita because they don’t have any budget.