Selwyn College: overcoming 50 years of challenges

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Selwyn College has survived the ravages of time to remain one of the important education institutions in the country for the past 50 years.

This was highlighted by Governor General Sir David Vunagi when he officially opened the weeklong 50th Anniversary Jubilee of the school at Lawson Tama yesterday.

He recalls that in 1986 Selwyn College at Najilagu, northeast Guadalcanal, was destroyed by Cyclone Namu, which was a big disaster for the students and teachers.

He said because of that the school have to transfer to Maravovo in 1990.

From left, Archbishop Leonard Dawea, Governor General Sir David Vunagi and lady Vunagi, Minister of Education Lanele Tanangada and PS Dr Franco Rodie salute for the national Anthem

But again, just after eight years the school was once again challenged by the ethnic tension.

He said the situation has confronted the students with questions whether or not they will complete their education.

MASI division members celebrating 50th Aniversary celebration of Selwyn College

He said despite of the challenges there a lot of things has been done and for that he commends the leadership of the past and present teachers and students for the good work,

He said Selwyn College has developed into a premier institution offering form six since 1991 and form 7 since 2005.

Naobu division members celebrating

“As we look back, I would like to acknowledge the good foundation work done by succeeding generation of teachers and students that make the school where it is today.

“They have played a leading role to build the school and we thankful for their example and work,” he said.

SOSA members and students parade from Honiara City Council to Lawson Tama

Sir Vunagi emphasize that the church schools including other sisters church schools are established not only to pass on intellectual knowledge to students but shaping them to become better person.

He said the church schools existed for thorough and dynamic purposes to promote holistic approach for three aspects of person which are spiritual, intellectual and physical.

Tahula division members celebrating

“These are the principals of true religion as we heard for the founder of the school Selwyn who advocated it for many years ago.”

He said former and current students celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the school it is also a time to look forward for the next 50 years.

He also thanked the premier of Guadalcanal and landowners for allowing their land to establish the school.

Noabu division during a march past

“I must pay tribute to the landowners and surrounding communities for being true partnership in providing education,” he said.

He also acknowledges the national government for its ongoing support to the school as well the Selwyn Old Scholars Association (SOSA) for providing support when things are tough for the school.

He urges SOSA members to remain active and establish a functional network to accommodate students coming out of the school does not go astray and established a scholarship funds to support struggling students.