Russell man questions intention of Provincial day


AN elder from the Russell Islands says the Central Islands Second Appointed day celebrations are only for politicians and not the ordinary population of the province.

The elder who wants to be known as ‘John Stewart told Island Sun that celebrations marking the event are often held in Tulagi and not Russell Islands and Savo, which also makes up part of the province.

He said the province is made up of three main Islands, Russell, Ngella and Savo.

“Why can’t provincial leaders organize celebration in other Islands like Savo or Russell rather than in Tulagi.

“Provincial and national leaders should at least come down to the rural people and see how people are struggling to survive”, John said.

He said there is news that business houses and leaders are giving money to the Central Islands Premier for that event.

 “Why not use that money to develop rural areas, upgrade the schools and clinics, provide some sort of development to address issues faced by people in the rural areas.

“Spending such money on a one-day celebration is worth nothing as only the politicians will enjoy and feel the benefits of those celebration and not the rural populace”, John Stewart said.

Therefore, he called on leaders of Central Islands Province to recognize the need of rural people rather than enjoying themselves with huge amount of money on such celebration.

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