RSIPF urges all to stay home

The fantastic shopping building that was burned down by looters.
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POLICE Deputy Commissioner (DC) Operation Juanita Matanga has appealed to schools and business houses in Honiara to stay home until the lifting of the 36 hours lockdown tomorrow morning.

 Speaking at a special RSIPF Media Conference yesterday, DC Matanga says, “I am appealing to all good citizens of this country more especially those residing in Honiara and Guadalcanal to refrain from such illegal activities because at the end of it, our own actions can lead to unacceptable consequences we do not expect. Be mindful that we will make sure those involved are responsible for their actions.”

 Ms Matanga says, “I am very concerned about this as innocent people were now affected by these criminal acts. Obviously, we do not want to see any of this happen, we will try our best and we want to make sure that our streets, schools and businesses will reopen soon after the lockdown.

“Now the situation has escalated from what has been said to be a peaceful protest and turns out differently. I am asking for your cooperation until the situation turns normal. ”

 “Police will continue with high visibility security operations tonight, tomorrow and beyond to make sure that our streets remain calm and peaceful,” says Matanga.

 She is calling on all leaders from the political level down to the community level, churches and parents to help us spread the message that there is no more need for protest on the streets.

“Advise our children to refrain and stay calm. Those who want to cause harm and those who want to cause damage or destruction in our communities must not be allowed to do so. Let us work together to stop such illegal acts,” she added.