Responding positively to COVID -19 challenges

supervising director for the Women's Development Division (WDD) within the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs, Vaela Ngai said the rate of Domestic violence has increased over the years.
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SAFENET Affiliates have established women safety strategy in respond to COVID-19.

Speaking during the 14th Triennial Conference, Acting Director of Women’s Development Department in the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs Vaela Ngai said SAFENET network has looked at other alternatives to make sure women’s safety is secured at this time of pandemic.

She said referral pathways have been incorporated with different COVID-19 measures such as developing and distribution of emergency call lines.

Ngai explained that the strategy is aimed at making the services available to vulnerable women during lockdown so as on a daily basis.

She adds that SAFENET Network has also utilized social media platform on Facebook to channel important information and also provide access for key stakeholders to communicate.

“The covid 19 pandemic demanded that we had to quite quickly adapt our referral pathway to the pandemic context by incorporating the different COVID 19 health measures, developing phone trees that was widely distributed showing available services during lockdown situations including developing a safenet facebook page,” Ngai said.