Relatives irked by delay in investigations

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RELATIVES of a young girl who was found dead in the Auki Traveller Lodge on Christmas Eve are not happy with the delay in police and Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) investigations regarding the case.

This comes after a media release that police are still waiting for a feedback from DPP regarding the medical report of the deceased.

Speaking on behalf of the relatives, John Bitalau questions why the investigation is taking long.

He insists that the result of investigations should not take long because the medical report has already been submitted.

“How long would it take for DPP to review file to assess evidence?

“We are not happy and satisfy with the delay of investigation report. We want the police and director of public prosecution to explain why it takes very long for results of police and medical investigation report.

“We understand that it should not take very long for investigation because police have already aware of the incident,” Mr Bitalau said.

He adds that at the moment some of their relative members are not happy and are proposing ideas to take the law into their hands once the delay continues.

“Some of the relatives are not satisfied, and since last week they stated to get angry demanding police to update the process of their investigation.

” If police and DPP continue to delay the investigation report we may take law into our own hands,” Bitalau said.

According to a recent media report on the 9th of this month (last week) a medical report was received by police and sent to DPP for review.

However police are still waiting on DPP’s review of the file to assess the evidence.

It is understood that investigations are still ongoing and no arrest made yet.