Progress in Suava Bay project

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The Development of an Economic Growth Centre located in Kwatanaere along the Suava Bay is progressing well.

This is following successive steps to conduct subdivision of the selected land for the project.

The Suava Bay Economic Growth Centre Project is implemented under the flagship of DCGA’s productive sector priority policy through the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration.

This is very vital to decentralize economic infrastructure that stimulates micro-economic investment opportunities to create employment and generate incomes for better rural livelihoods.

 Site back filing for market, copra and commodity storage warehouse has been progressing on well with 95% completion.  

A local team of consultants identified by the government for environmental impacts assessment go ahead in site preparation for building constructions next year 2022.

The government through Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration is working closely with the Commissioner of Lands in order to acquire certain sections of the allocated land that still needs to be acquired.

In the meantime, the DCGA government acknowledge contractor Exodus Trade Development for the earth works in backfilling of construction site.

Furthermore, resources owners, tribal chiefs, community leaders and community citizens had recognized the future economic prospective of this Suava Bay Economic Growth Centre Project and this is manifested through their continued support and cooperation to date.

Such economic infrastructure is recognized as the literal backbone of an economy with positive impacts to facilitate trade, industrial growth, commercial marketing value chain, decline unemployed workforce, catalyses rural economic opportunities to decrease influx urban drift, recovery and sustainable long term economic growth through private sector investments for mutual benefits.

The DCGA is fully committed to the successful implementation and delivery of its policy priorities through this economic infrastructure project for economic empowerment and national stability.