Premiers beat motions

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TWO premiers defeated motions of no confidence against them yesterday.

Central province premier, Stanley Manetiva, famous for his strong stand against logging in the province, won by an overwhelming majority vote of nine against four.

Guadalcanal premier Francis Sade silenced critics when the mover withdrew the motion on the Assembly floor yesterday.

In Tulagi yesterday, the motion survived through to the debate stage where the Assembly deliberated on the eight grounds that the mover, MPA for ward-8 Polycarp Galaigu, and the non-executives attached with the motion.

At the end, the Assembly was called to a vote. Nine MPAs from the executive were convinced that premier Manetiva is not guilty of the allegations, and voted in his favour. Four from the non-executives voted against.

Meanwhile, across the channel, in Guadalcanal, the motion against premier Sade died an early death when the mover withdrew it as it was mentioned during session.

The mover, MPA for Wanderer Bay Cecil Manekako, verbally withdrew the motion on the floor of Assembly, a social media statement by the Guadalcanal province said yesterday after the meeting.

After the meetings both premiers reiterated their earlier calls for collaboration by the non-executives to move their provinces forward.

Premier Manetiva said:

“The non-executive should come and work with the executive and the government to fulfill the provincial government policy and move forward the province.

“Central province will not accept any under table dealing but will continue to comply under law and act to operate the government.

“What I understand here is the non-executives members do not have the number to move the motion against me seeing them continually barking like dogs without teeth with no evidence and proper document to support their allegations.

“There are eight grounds presented at the chamber before we vote but they never succeed.”

Central province assembly meeting continues today.

According to G-Province social media post, premier Sade following his victory, reminded the Assembly that “If you’re here for money, if you’re here for power, if you’re here for fame, then this honourable Assembly is not for you. We’re here to serve the interest of women, youth, children and men of Guadalcanal”.

Sade acknowledged MPA Manekako for exercising due democratic rights in seeking good governance by way of motion of no-confidence.

He concluded by vowing that his Government for Inclusive Change and Sustainable Development (GICSD) will continue its 2019-2023 Policy Strategies this financial year.

As a bonus, MPA for Aola ward Hosley Ghanivila joined Sade’s executive.