Police vehicle in Renbel sold: Varley confirms

PC Mathew Varley
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POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley has confirmed that Police officers at Tingoa RenBel Province have sold the old ex-RAMSI vehicle AB 1530 without authorisation of the Police Force.

Island Sun had reported that the vehicle, AB1530, which was put on tender by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development last week, had already been sold by officers at Tingoa police station months earlier.

RSIPF Rove HQ was reportedly unaware of this sale.

Mr Varley says he is upset with his officers’ action.

However the briefing he got is it’s an old vehicle, an ex-RAMSI vehicle, and it was a vehicle that did not have an engine on it for some reason and it’s a vehicle that have been decommissioned and identified as beyond repair.

“What I’m told is that the officers disposed the vehicle locally,” Varley said.

He said that investigations are under-way regarding the sell and who benefits from the money.

He said that an old government property remains the property of the government and he has ordered full investigation on that case.

Varley also said that in relation to the misconduct officers down at Renbel a team of officers with the Assistant Commissioner Provincial and SIPDP Advisors had travel to Renbel last weekend and the ACP has prepared a report for in which he is still in the process of reviewing the reports.

“I have asked Deputy Commissioner of Operation Juanita Matanga and ACP Provincial Joseph Manelugu to review the report carefully and give me recommendation on changes or issues that need to be addressed down at Renbel I’ll update on those changes in due course at this stage I’m still working through those information,” Varley said.