Police still clueless over missing $300k

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Nearly a year on and the Royal Solomon Islands police force is left biting its nails over the $300,000 evidence cash which went missing under its nose.

Even the police commissioner is scratching his head over it.

In his weekly press conference yesterday, Commissioner Mostyn Mangau admitted that he is yet to get an update on the investigation into the missing $300,000 exhibit money.

Police had announced in an earlier media statement that this case would be one of their priority investigations, especially for its internal affairs unit (PSII).

The cash exhibit went missing while under police custody in October last. However, police only went public with it in February this year.

Since then, it has become a thorn for the force. One police officer is the lead suspect. The officer has chosen to remain silent.

“No update yet on the investigation of the missing money, once I have an update then I will update you on that issue,” Mangau told reporters yesterday.

Previously police said that it was a priority investigation for the Professional Standard Internal Investigation (PSII), thus a thorough investigation would be conducted, looking at all avenues how the money is missing or stolen from the exhibit facility and also at possible recovery of the missing money