Police review team meet border chiefs

Review Team with community in Mono
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THE Police Review Team on its COVID 19 operation in the Western Border met with the FAMOA Council of Chiefs, Mono chiefs and elders as part of the review of their operation.

A police statement said the meeting with the FAMOA Council of Chiefs was held on 20 May 2012 and team met with Mono Chiefs on 21 May 2021.

Assistant Commissioner (AC) of Police National Capital and Crime Prevention (RSIPF COVID-19 Operation Commander) Simpson Pogeava says during their meetings, many positive issues were raised concerning the Police Operations here at the Western border including representatives from the women and youth groups in both islands.”

AC Pogeava and AC Thugea at the meeting

“Communities are secured with the presence of police, especially the Police Response Team (PRT) at the Western border as they had been assisting in many situation that they have encountered before in terms of reporting criminal cases that cannot be handled by our communities,” Pogeava said.

“The communities also noted that with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic that is now affecting them especially those here in border, they have full confident in our police officers,” he added.

An elder raising concern during the meeting in Mono

“With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Papua New Guinea (PNG) policing work is very important to protect communities in the Western border.

“People from our neighbouring island in Bougainville had made attempts to enter in to our waters even through these trying times as we fight against this COVID-19 with declaration of the State of Public Emergency (SoPE) last year 2020.

Tactical Commander Inspector Lionel Kapisa clarify community on some issues raised

“But we have been assured by our police officers on how we observe them carrying out their duties.”

Pogeava said communities in Shortland Islands applaud his officers for the job well done and recommend that the operation continues.

“I want to acknowledge both communities for all the comments and recommendations raised to help support our review team.

“We appreciate you for honouring our request and for taking time out from your busy schedules or commitments within your families and communities.

“We look forward for continues support rendered to our officers to help each other in working together to fight against this COVID-19 pandemic.”